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MIMRee Participates In Interactive Offshore Energy Webinar

Fri, 28 February, 2020

The interactive webinar, hosted by the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult, explored how offshore renewable energy and robotics are coming together to propel the UK economy and drive job creation.

The webinar comprised a Q&A style panel where the experts answered questions surrounding the offshore environment, the inspiration for extreme robots in offshore renewables, and potential scenarios for the next ten, twenty, and thirty years.

Sara’s role in the MIMRee project is to develop MIMRee’s core artificial intelligence software, as well as the human-machine interface.

During the event, Sara discussed the importance of developing technologies towards specific end-users and real-world applications. She believes that you can achieve this through discussions with stakeholders to ensure that the technology is solving genuine problems and that it is on-track to deliver the proposed concept, subsequently becoming a commercial reality. MIMRee aims to create an integrated solution that combines the entire spectrum of robotics and artificial intelligence, including drones, crawling robots, and an automated mothership.

Speaking about the future of robotics, Sara explains that by being at the forefront of research and development, the UK will see a transfer of jobs and qualifications towards artificial intelligence and robotics – preparing us for the future.

You can watch the full recorded version of the webinar here.