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Robotics in Offshore Renewables LIVE

Mon, 27 January, 2020

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ORE Catapult works with some of the UK’s foremost academic and industry experts in robotics and automation through a multitude of research and innovation projects. The future vision is one where wind farm operations and maintenance require zero human presence offshore. Instead, the focus will be on building a UK workforce in high-growth, high-skilled, high-tech roles onshore.

We believe that the cost, efficiency and safety benefits of robotics offshore will accelerate the world’s transition to cleaner energy. The UK needs to be in the driving seat and bringing these jobs of the future to its shores.

We convene four robotics and renewable energy industry experts to discuss how a heady mix of crawling, climbing and sailing robots, mission planning and global-scale wind operators will achieve this goal.

Join our 90-minute panel discussion featuring:

Professor Sara Bernardini, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science, Royal Holloway - The University of London. Sara leads development of the core artificial intelligence software and human-machine interface for the highly ambitious MIMRee project, partnered by ORE Catapult. She brings experience of NASA mission planning and development of human-machine interfaces for a variety of audiences including a break-through intelligent companion for autistic children.

Dr Iain Wallace, Chief Scientific Officer, Rovco. Rovco is a UK business that was supported by ORE Catapult in developing and trialling a pioneering robotic 3D vision and AI system for subsea inspections. Iain has led Rovco’s R&D efforts since 2017, moving into subsea from Mars exploration rover projects for the European Space Agency. At Rovco, he leads work developing computer vision, machine learning and autonomy solutions for producing higher quality subsea data more efficiently.

Anthony Gordon, Programme Manager, GE Renewable Energy. Anthony is responsible for managing GE Renewables’ programme of projects and collaborative partnerships that focus on bringing new technologies to operations in order to reduce the need for manual offshore maintenance and repair. He was previously a project manager for Siemens Gamesa in their Monitoring and Diagnostics Department.

Alex Louden, Innovation Manager, Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult. Alex Louden joined ORE Catapult in September 2017 having completed his MSc in Renewable Energy and Environmental Modelling. Alex’s role as Innovation manager sees him building collaborative projects to contribute to de-risking technology and reducing costs in the offshore renewable energy industry.

Date: 6th February 2020

Times: 10.00 - 11.30am

Access: [Here]



Today’s offshore environment

  • De-risking robotics in offshore environments - what worries, challenges or requirements need to be met?
  • Data analytics challenge - how will our understanding of the offshore environment change? What are the possibilities and challenges of the wealth of data we can expect?

Inspiration for extreme robots in offshore renewables

  • Bringing in experience of extreme robots from other sectors
  • Mission planning challenges: getting the robots to work together
  • Jobs of the future: getting humans and robots to work together

Futurology: scenarios for the next ten, twenty and thirty years

  • Inspections, repairs, maintenance, aerial, subsea, surface? What is possible and what is the long-term vision for offshore wind operations?